Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia Visited Policy Studies Institute

The Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, Mr. Shri Robert Shetkintong, visited the Policy Studies Institute (PSI) on Wednesday, October 30, 2022.

He was received by PSI's Executive General Director, H.E. Professor Beyene Petros, and the Deputy Directors General, H.E. Mr. Teferi Tiyaru and H.E. Mr. Alebel Dessie. The Ambassador then toured the Institute and also met with PSI staff and talked to them about their work.

In his conversation, he elaborated on the long-standing relationship between India and Ethiopia. He said that the historical ties between India and Ethiopia go back about 2,000 years. In ancient times, trade flourished between the two countries. Soon after gaining independence, a goodwill mission led by Sardar Sant Singh was sent to Ethiopia. Diplomatic relations at legation level were established in 1948. The ambassador added that full diplomatic relations were established in 1950 with SardarSant Singh as the first ambassador. He pointed out that the two countries have bilateral trade and investment relations.

The Ambassador also mentioned that the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) program, which was introduced in Ethiopia in 1969, is one of the most important initiatives that has been very successful in Ethiopia. The Ambassador said that professionals and employees of the Ethiopian government and private organizations have participated in training courses. This program covers areas such as agriculture, information technology, telecommunications, management, rural development, accounting, auditing, banking, finance, health, environment and renewable energy. Mr. Robert stated that the Embassy actively promotes Indian culture in Ethiopia.

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The Ambassador particularly highlighted that many Indians in Ethiopia are involved in the education and investment sectors. He also stated that the Indian community lives in different parts of Ethiopia and is involved in various fields, especially in the education sector and investment. In his talk, the ambassador said that the relationship between India and Ethiopia has grown over centuries and focuses on education, cultural and economic cooperation. The two countries are working together to alleviate poverty. Today's visit was to discuss and exchange different points of view on the current activities of PSI and India's role in it.

H.E. Professor Beyene Petros, PSI Executive General Director, explained to the Ambassador that PSI is the right arm of the government in researching and analyzing public policy. Professor Beyene explained to the Ambassador that PSI is a public policy research institute that focuses on social and economic issues of the country. The professor also mentioned several areas of collaboration in which PSI is very interested. Professor Beyene pointed out that PSI needs short and long term support from India in the areas of research, training and ICT support, collaborative research and grant making.

In conclusion, the Ambassador emphasized that the Indian Embassy in Ethiopia is very willing to support PSI in various areas.

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