H.E. Professor Beyene Petros Writes a Message of Condolence

Going to the mourning hall on the grounds of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia on December 6, 2022, Professor Beyene recalled the contribution that the late President Jiang Zemin made to China and the world.

Professor Beyene Petros, Executive Director General of the Policy Studies Institute, conveyed his deepest condolences to the Government and people of the People's Republic of China and the President's relatives on the passing of former President Jiang Zemin.

PSI has learned that the late President Jiang Zemin passed away in Shanghai at 12:13 PM on November 30, 2022, at the age of 96. He was an outstanding leader who enjoyed high prestige and was recognized by the entire Communist Party of China, the entire military and the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, a great Marxist, a great proletarian revolutionary, statesman, military strategist and diplomat, a long-tested communist fighter and an outstanding leader of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. He was the core of the CPC's third generation of the central collective leadership and the principal founder of the Theory of Three Represents.

In his message, Prof. Beyene said that the late President Jiang Zemin was an outstanding statesman who led China to a period of rapid growth and development through sustained economic reforms and significantly raised the standard of living in China

Professor Beyene stressed that President Jiang will be remembered for his service and commitment to his country.

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