PSI Conducted the Second Quarter Review Meeting

The Policy Studies Institute  held a  second quarter review meeting on January 11, 2023, at PSI. All research and administrative departments of the Institute submitted and presented their semi-annual performance reports.

During the opening of the six-month performance report, H.E. Professor Beyene Petros, Executive General Director of PSI, said that although every detail of your work is important and  needs to be presented, today you need to focus on your research projects. Professor Beyene  said that research is the central work process of PSI. Professor Beyene emphasized that we have a number of research projects planned and we need to know the status of these research projects. Professor Beyene added that once we determine how many of these research projects have or have not been completed in relation to our plan, we can calculate them as percentages and know the actual status of our performance.

Following Professor Beyene's opening remarks to the second quarter review meeting, all departments presented their reports based on the templates approved by the Ministry of Planning and Development. This template focuses on each department's core work, milestones achieved during the review period in terms of quantifiable approaches, resource mobilization, capacity building, best practices learned from the second quarter performance, challenges they faced during the stated period, and key focus areas of the plan for the upcoming quarter. Using this template, the heads of all research and administrative departments reported on their work performance.

After all departments presented their work performance, participants in the second review raised several questions. One of the points raised in the discussion session was the standardization of the reporting format. Participants welcomed the fact that the different divisions of PSI work together and that this needs to be encouraged. They also acknowledged that the visibility of PSI is increasing. They also said that the various internal capacity building training that PSI provides should be appreciated. They also said that young researchers are now securing external research grants, and this step needs to be appreciated. The researchers also urge the institute to buy them laptops, tablets and various software that are essential for research purposes. Overall, all participants believe that the government's procurement process is hindering the  research project, and they urged the Institute to find a way to speed up the procurement of goods and items.

The participants also suggested that the Institute should assign a department to summarize the quarterly progress reports to improve the quality of the reports. They also said that this department should also work to improve research communication.They suggested that PSI should designate a responsible department to work hard with researchers to secure core funding. Professor Beyene also stressed that PSI should work hard to provide consulting services in addition to research. Some of the day's participants also called for the Institute's administrative wing to provide more support for research projects. They said the administrative wing needs to support all research projects. Participants also noted that some researchers are often busy with committee  activities and these kinds of time-consuming tasks can interfere with their research activities, which must be viewed critically for the future.

Finally, all participants in the second quarter review meeting  confirmed that PSI has created a good working environment and the Institute is now performing at a very high level, which should be appreciated and encouraged. In conclusion, the staff promised to work more in the next quarter of the fiscal year.

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