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Sustainable Forest management for a green economy in Ethiopia.

PSI co-organized a one day workshop that aimed at disseminating the results of researches on the theme ‘sustainable forest management for a green economy in Ethiopia’ on the 27th of August 2019 at Elilly International Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

 As disclosed in the workshop the researches were conducted by the team of researchers fr

om the Environment and Climate Research Centre of PSI, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission (EFCCC), Ethiopian Forest Research Institute (EEFRI), and Wondo-genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources (WCFNRs).  The studies were undertaken with the aim of filling the critical gap pinpointed in evidence-based knowledge relating to forest management and thereby contributing to Ethiopia’s effort of mitigating the adverse effect of climate change.


Pictures of Mr. Ahmed Abitew                                                                         Pictures of H.E. Mr. Kebede Yimam

 The workshop started with the welcoming remarks delivered by Mr. Ahmed Abitew, Director General of PSI and opening Speeches by H.E. Mr. Kebede Yimam, Deputy Commissioner of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change Commission and by representative of Sida, Ethiopia office. All the speakers emphasized the importance of research in informing policy decisions and acknowledged the contribution of the participating institutions to make the project a success.


Picture of Dr. Habtemariam K

The opening session also contained key note speech by Dr. Habtemariam K. from the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). In his key note address, Dr. Habtemariam stressed the need to have shared understanding of sustainable forest management for a green economy.  Following the key note address, Dr. Abebe Damtew, Research Fellow at ECRC/ PSI gave a brief description of the project.

In the workshop ten papers were presented. While the first presentation, by Dr. Yemiru T. from WCFNRs presented findings of a research titled ‘The economic benefits of forest use to rural households around forests under participatory forest management’, the second presentation, by Dr. Abebe Damtew, ECRC/PSI, shared the participants his study’s observations relating to the interaction between agriculture and forest sector focusing on the impact of adoption of improved agricultural practices on the forest sector.  Given by Dr. Teferra M., researcher at EFCCC, and Dr. Alemayehu N., researcher at EEFRI, the third and fourth presentations focused on reporting the findings of the studies ‘The viability and potential f establishing tree growers’ cooperatives in Ethiopia’ and ‘Analysis of legal and policy framework governing sustainable forest management in Ethiopia’ respectively. 


Dr. Abebe D.

The presentations that succeed shared the participants of the workshop with valuable findings and insights on the topics: ‘Dynamics in land cover and carbon stock of forests in national parks’; ‘Challenges and opportunities of private sector’s investment in Ethiopia’s forest sector’; ‘Farmers land use decisions and implications of land use shifting into tree-based landscapes’; Participatory forest management and its role in mitigation and adaptation of climate change’;  ‘Assessment of the value chain of selected NTFPs and policy implications’; and ‘Status and challenges of value chain of protected areas (PAs) in Ethiopia’ respectively by Mr. Negash H., WCFNRs; Dr. Alemayehu N., EEFRI; Dr. Abebe D., ECRC/PSI; Dr. Yemiru T., WCFNRs; Dr. Yoseph M., WCFNRs; and Ms. Alemtsehay E., EEFRI. 

Apart from the space provided for discussions following each presentation, a session was organized to entertain reflections of the participants and highlight the way forward. 


Group picture

This event aimed to create an effective forum for policy makers, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the latest knowledge on the challenges and opportunities of forest management for a green economy in Ethiopia. In addition to creating opportunities for better access to the latest research for policy makers and practitioners, the event will also be an opportunity for the research community to identify gaps in knowledge and channel future research efforts accordingly. Participants of the workshop include: policy makers and practitioners in the federal and regional governments, NGOs, researchers and academia.


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