Policy Advocacy, Partnership & Information Technology Bureau


Head, Policy, Partnership and Information Technology Bureau

Yilkal Tariku


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Policy Advocacy, Partnership & Information Technology Bureau

This is a special Bureau of the institute which has been given the following strategic roles and mandates:

  • Organize debates and discussion forums on policy relevant issues to raise the awareness level of stakeholders;
  • Take part in the preparation of policy documents of different research recommendations and presentation of the same for discussion with the concerned governmental bodies;
  • In line with the mission of the institute, forge new partnerships with like-minded organizations and also enhance the on-going partnerships and;
  • Gather, organize, process, update and provide researchers with various thematic data as input for further research analysis;


Policy Advocacy, Document Preparation & Research Partnership Team

Team Leader

Team Leader

Jemal Mohammed

This is one of the teams in the bureau. The team comprises two sub-teams: Policy advocacy and Document Preparation and Research Partnership. The duties and responsibilities of each are stated as follows.

Policy Advocacy and Document Preparation

The Policy Advocacy and Document Preparation sub-team mainly carries out the following activities.
  • Developing operational guidelines for policy advocacy and document preparation activities on the basis of experiences gained from other countries;
  • Facilitating and taking part in the preparation of research-based policy documents (e.g., policy briefs, policy notes and reports);
  • Involving in the preparation of training manuals and documents relating to research-based policies and strategies;
  • Facilitating the preparation and implementation of capacity building trainings relating to evidence-based policies and strategies set out nationally;
  • Ensuring that the preparations of policy documents follow the standard set institutionally;
  • Planning and organizing fora for policy debates and discussions;
  • Disseminating the research and policy study outputs of the institute; and
  • Ensuring stakeholders’ proper understanding of policy and strategy issues of the nation.

Research Partnership
The Research Partnership sub-team is responsible for carrying out the following activities.
  • Creating enabling environment for the process of forging local and international partnership initiatives;
  • Preparing draft partnership strategy document that serves to guide the establishment of partnerships with local as well as international organizations;
  • Creating networks with partnership officials of selected local and international organizations;
  • Ensuring that research partnerships created/established by different centers and divisions at PSI are in alignment with the principles and strategies of the institute ;
  • Following up and ensuring that partnership activities are in order as per the (contractual) agreement made by partnering institutions;
  • Building and strengthening strategic partnerships through active networking, advocacy and effective communication;
  • Strengthening the establishment of research partnership for capacity building;
  • Conducting research and analysis on donor and partners focus area and funding cycles processes;
  • Conducting research related to partnering strategies and tools;
  • Formulating documents that are useful for developing research partnership on the basis of experiences gained from other countries; and
  • Maintaining up-to-date repository of all donors, funding cycles and engagement modalities.

Information Technology & Data Center Team

Team Leader

Team Leader

Amare Terefe Gashaye

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) Policy Studies Institute (PSI) has organized the special bureau, Policy Advocacy and Information technology (PAIT) Bureau, in order to expedite research activities within the institute. The Information Technology and Data Center (ITDC) Team is one of the two big teams under the bureau.

The ITDC Team consists of two main sub-teams: Information Technology and Data Center. Broadly speaking, the team is highly responsible in handling all services related to information technology and research data management in PSI.

The Information Technology sub-team mainly carries out the following activities.
  • Making continuous follow up and execution of IT infrastructure development of the institute in order to support the research activities;
  • Studying and establishing the implementation of new IT application software and services that are vital for the research duties of the institute;
  • Assuring the accessibility of research inputs and outputs using the institute's database and website;
  • Upgrading the IT awareness of the institute's community;
  • Reducing security alerts to the research and study information of the institute;
  • Inducing IT usage policies and formalities within the institute; and
  • Providing an overall IT support services (e.g., network, maintenance).

The Data Center sub-team mainly involves in the following activities.
  • Identifying data management problems and seek for possible solutions ;
  • In relation with data management, identifying main obstacles and make them ready for further investigation;
  • Establishing standardized database system;
  • Updating, controlling and sharing data using the constructed database system;
  • Leading and preparing survey data collection and assuring data quality control;
  • Preparing and putting into action different data management policies and practices;
  • Conducting different data cleaning and analyses and making available to researchers;
  • Conducting and customizing both national and international best practices regarding data science and data management;
  • Collecting, organizing and disseminating data for all users;
  • Preparing and delivering different capacity building trainings in relation with data and data management; and
  • Delivering all rounded data-related support and continual control.

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